Benefits of Bulgur

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Benefits Of Bulgur

- Bulgur is low in carbohydrates , high in protein values.

- B1 vitamines content in Bulgur has important role in the performances of nevre and digestive systems.

- Bulgur is fairly nutritive and satiative.

- The nutirition value of Bulgur is more than the ones of white bread and macaroni.

- The shelf life of Bulgur is more than the other foods.

- Bulgur does not contain cholosterol.

- Bulgur does not absorb radiation. For this reason, in some countries, it has the top place among the foods which is storaged against the risk of nuclear war.

- Bulgur has unsaturated fat and it is a healthy because of having low rate of total fats.

- Bulgur can be consumpted alone because of the nutritive specifications it has.

-Bulgur is an important food source for the children and for the pregnant ladies because of containing folic acid. The babies’ brain developments take place during the first three months of the pregnancy and consequently, the failure of folic acid occurs during this period. Pregnant ladies must have plenty of folic acid against this failure.

- Bulgur takes place in the content of United Nations aid package.

- Antinutrient, being the biggest disadvantage of the grain products, does not take place in Bulgur because of having it’s own cooking and drying.

- Bulgur quickens the nourishment because of having high minerals and cellulose.

- Bulgur prevents constipation as well as bowel cancer.

- Bulgur is a very suitable food for vegeterian nutrition.

According to the results of a research carried out in USA during 1995,1 1995, Bulgur is the food to be eaten up every day. "


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Bulgur (Pounded Wheat) Against Cancer

As soon as the United States Cancer Researches Foundation has published an article emphasizing the advantages of Bulgur due to the features that Bulgur contains, consumption of Bulgur in the United States has rapidly increased.

The field of application of Bulgur that is one of the indispensable items of the Middle East cuisine has been expanded. Bulgur has been gradually becoming a more and more important food thanks to its contents such as protein, carbohydrate, fiber. Furthermore, as also pointed out considerably by various health institutions, the power of Bulgur in struggling against a variety of chronic diseases, especially against cancer cannot be denied.
As soon as the place of Bulgur in struggling against cancer has been found out, its place in the Western cuisine has been strengthened as well. Likewise, as soon as the United States Cancer Researches Foundation has published an article emphasizing the advantages of Bulgur because the features that this food contains, consumption of Bulgur in the United States has rapidly increased. Bulgur  which has been considered as a taste peculiar to the Middle East for centuries, has won a tremendous prestige amongst consumers in the dominant Western countries. Such rise of Bulgur, which can not be hindered, has caused the formation of new tariffs. Our old bosom friend bulgur is beginning to be used in such a way that it can be eaten at breakfasts in early mornings, and practically compared to the foods being referred to as fast food. If you see a yuppie character who starts a new day by eating pounded wheat soup or salad in any Hollywood movie making lots of money earned,it should not be a surprise to you.
. Another striking reason of such suddenly rise of Bulgur is that this delicious and nutritive food can, in fact, be used at many meals. That means, It also supports the creativeness at kitchen. In addition, it offers different alternatives to you for meals being eaten three times a day. It is quite possible to increase the taste, which Bulgur gives, with spices and vegetables.

Roughage In Every Step Of Of Our Lifes
Leading a fast life, stress, the eating up of oil dependent on fast food feeding and unstable nutrition lays the backgrounds of several illnesses including obesity.  Specially the decrease in eating up of fruit, vegetable and dry legiminous seeds causes the lessening in fibrous nourishment which has many functions in the body.   

What is Fibre (lees), where to be found and how much it must be eaten up ?
The undigested parts of the aliments is named as fibre (lees). The aliments containing fibre forms volume in the intestines and causes the feeling of being satiated and decreases the risk of bowel cancer. Besides, it prevents the frequently observed constipation of the individuals who diet. It also prevents the increase in blood oils (cholosterol). Bran, oat, wheat bran are good fibre sources.   
The fibre, which has this much of importance in our daily nutition, must be eaten up between 20 to 35 grams.

The importance of the roughage in observing regimes 

The main complaints of the indiviuals who observe a regime, are the constipation and continuous feeling of hunger. Here, the eaten up of the roughage removes these types of issued facts.  The roughages form volume in the intestines and gives the feeling of fullness for a long time. It also provides to gain less calorie and to stay satiated for longer period of time. Besides, roughages increase the process rate of the intestines while they prevent the constipation. For this reason, the eaten up of roughages is rather important for individuals who observe a regime. 
The importance of the roughages in diabetes
The roughages have importance in nutrition of the diabetes. The roughages prevents the sudden increases of the blood sugar and provides slow increase of the same. Because of this reason, the nutrition programs of the diabetes must definetely contain roughages. 

The importance of the roughages for cholesterol

By absorbing and conserving of the cholesterol inside them, the roughages decreases the suction of cholesterol in the intestines. Specially, in order to enable   the healthy functioning of the digestive system, the roughages provide the outpouring of gallbladder acids from the liver to twelve-inch intestines. These gallbladder acids are produced from cholesterol. In such a case, the gallbladder acids are sucked by these fibres and discharged from the body in form of feces. In this case, the existing level of cholesterol in the blood is partially decreased.  

The importance of the roughages against cancer

The roughages, has a fairly important role in the decrease in the risk of the dangerous colon cancer which is seen in the digestive system.The results of the cancer research institute named EPIC. According to the research; ‘’The tests materialized on 400 thousand persons in 9 con-untries and in 15 years, the risks of deadly colon cancer rectum are decreased by 40% for the persons who has the nutrition of the roughages as a habit. Besides, according to the reseacrhes materialized on 68 thousand women in 10 years, the observations of regimes carried out with the aliments which contain high fibres, caused decreases in the risk of heart deseases.’’  

How can we increase the eating up of the roughages which have such an importance in our nutiritions ?
In order to eat up enough roughages, before all else, we must prefer the aliments which contain fibre. For instance, pilaff of BULGUR instead of rice pilaff, bran bread instead of white bread, bulgur sopp instead of vermicelli soup.
Benefits Of Bulgur 2


  • It strengthens the immunization system.
  • It is protective against cancer.
  • It is a source of Vitamin-B
  • The Vitamin-B1 it contains helps to strengthen the neural and digestive systems.
  • It contains minerals such as magnesium, zinc and chrome.
  • The daily fiber need may be covered with a plate of bulgur.
  • It helps the intestinal activity thanks to the high rate fiber it contains.
  • The folic acid it contains is influential on the development of intelligence of the unborn infant.  
  • It does not increase the blood sugar.
  • It is good for diabetic patients.
  • It does not cause gaining weight.
  • It is digestive or peptic.