Bulgurium is a company from Turkey that is now producing a healthy alternative for breakfast, lunch and dinner that is produced from bulgur wheat that can be easily prepared from stove top to table within minutes.  These products are of high quality and provide the busy working family with a healthy alternative as a meal replacement or addition to any meal.

Our new products that will change the focus for Bulgur wheat has been and will continue to be some of the foods for which our consumers love to serve at any meal and are products that can be prepared easily by busy people and provide your meal with good quality food made fast.

Our firm has been working on products that are made from bulgur for over 5 years. In the last period, our company gained excellent results from research and development actions and has obtained patents for bulgur products. Our firm has also got 3 innovation awards from Gaziantep chamber of Industry. Our company has ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2008 quality certificates and continues to produce without making concessions from quality or taste.

Bulgur wheat products of ‘Bulgurium’ almost being a revolution in terms of Bulgur wheat. For example, you can start your day with Bulgur wheat cereals, or you can have Bulgur wheat cooked with vegetables that you can practically prepare within 15 minutes for lunch, or you can cook Bulgur wheat soup for dinner in a short time with ready-made Bulgur wheat ball with Chili and seasonnings (chee kofte), additionally you can eat completely natural Snack of ‘Bulgurium’ Bulgur wheat with its unique taste while watching television.

One hundred percent natural and healthy, ‘Bulgurium’ products were produced in consequence of the innovative principle that our firm attached importance to the R&D studies. Our firm wishes that the U.S. be introduced with a variety of ‘Bulgurium’ Bulgur wheat products that have high added value.

Our firm who has broken a new ground in Turkey and the world with its Bulgur wheat varieties, and is maintaining dealership and distributorship studies to enable these products to be met up with our country and the world.